The Garden Bridge across the Thames in London

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The Garden Bridge across the Thames in London

The British plan to build a revolutionary Garden Bridge across the Thames in London, with fruit trees, wild flowers and plants from specific fluvial habitat.


Joanna Lumley’s dream of a "green bridge" to unite the Northern and Southern London is close to becoming reality, after the British Government announced a contribution of 30 million pounds to support this project.


The Garden Bridge across the Thames in London is, as its name suggests, a garden-like bridge, which will cost around 150 million pounds to be built – about half of the money being raised from private donations.


Transport for London, which coordinates the public transport within the British capital, will provide four million pounds for the development of this project.


The main purpose of the project does not seem to have anything to do with relieving the traffic, because The Garden Bridge across the Thames in London will be strictly pedestrian, and the place chosen for building lies between the other two bridges over the Thames: Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriar’s Bridge.


The Garden Bridge Trust, an organization whose purpose is to supervise the project, has been assembled on November 1st. Lord Mervyn Davies has been appointed President, and horticulturist Dan Pearson has been assigned to handle the vegetation that will nurture upon the future bridge.


The architect who will design The Garden Bridge across the Thames in London is Thomas Heatherwick, who conducted the New Bus for London, a line of multiple-level buses, and also the structure that held the flame at the Olympic games in 2012.


"The garden will be extraordinary in every aspect: a place without noise or traffic, where the only sound you’ll hear will be the birds singing, the bees buzzing, the wind passing through the branches or the water flowing below the bridge”, says Lumley.


"It will probably be the slowest way to cross the River Thames, because people will stop to admire the vegetation and the urban landscape. At the same time it will be a safe and convenient alternative to cross the Thames for travellers", she claims.


The Garden Bridge in London will have a total length of 350 meters and a maximum width of 30 meters. Although not all authorizations have been obtained yet, project developers hope to complete structure by 2017.

Most Expensive Places in the World

Everyone needs a place to stay. Billionaires seem to need more than one place, and buy residences in the most expensive locations around the world for very high prices. Here are the most expensive places in the world:


1. Paterson Hill, Singapore

It’s a residential area very nearby Orchard Street, wich is well known for its shops and restaurants. The most exquisite apartment here is the Marq. Its design was entirely made by Hermes.

Average price per square meter: $42.500.

Who lives here: Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, former Miss Singapore Rachel Kum.


2. Avenue Général de Gaulle, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

Located on the Mediterranean Cote d’Azur, this exclusive peninsula is among the most expensive places in the world.  Avenue Général de Gaulle, in particular, has numerous seafront villas.

Average price per square meter: $79.000

Who lives here: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Paul Allen, Charlie Chaplin (before his death in 1977)


3. Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Every year during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco is crowded with billionaires, but numerous wealthy folks live here throughout the rest of the year. The street named after the Princess of Monaco is among the most expensive places in the world and in Monaco. Odeon Tour, a luxurious apartment of 167 square meters, is currently under construction, but it will be the main real estate attraction next year, when it will be completed.

Average price per square meter: $86,000.

Who lives here: Andrea Bocelli, Roger Moore, Lewis Hamilton, Helena Christensen.


4. Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Although the most prominent residents of the area are William and Kate, Kensington Palace Gardens is home to many embassies, including those of Russia and Japan. It‘s known as the "billionaires' street” for a clear reason.

Average price per square meter: $107,000.

Who lives here: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince George), Lakshmi Mittal, Roman Abramovich, Tamara Ecclestone.


5. Pollock's Path, The Peak, Hong Kong

Located at the top of a mountain and considered some sort of paradise for billionaires in Hong Kong, the most expensive street in the world has an amazing view from above the city. The real estate skyrocketing market in Hong Kong developed during 2011, when an apartment from the Sky High complex, numbers 10-19, was sold for 103 million dollars. Pollock's Path is the last and most exquisite entry on our most expensive places in the world list.

Average price per square meter: $120,000.

Who lives here: Stephen Chow, HSBC executives.