The World’s Most Unique Hotels (II)

The World’s Most Unique Hotels (II)

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Spend the night curled up like a hamster in a mound of straw beside your wheel or hunker down in an old prison with hardwood beds and spartan facilities. The trend for offbeat accommodation continues to grow. Travelers have become tired of the generic blandness of hotel rooms with their predictable layout and minibar. They demand something different. From luxury to deprivation, there is certainly plenty of variety in the unique hotel market. Let's take a look at a few of the more interesting options available around the world.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Capsule Hotel


The Capsule Hotel on The Hague in the Netherlands definitely falls into the deprivation end of the unique hotel spectrum. The accommodation is a TEMP which is a totally enclosed propelled craft designed to be used by survivors of an oil-rig disaster. These little orange pods afloat The Hague have a quaint 70s Sci-Fi appeal but are definitely not for the claustrophobic. Each of the pods is a mere 12 square meters containing a simple hammock while the deluxe version has a toilet and a sheepskin throw. People seem to find bobbing about without a creature comfort appealing as the capsules are popular and the company is expanding further afield.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Art Museum Hotel


Ever wanted to live within a work of art? Well now you can at the Art Museum Hotel in the Sicilian seaside village of Castel di Tusa, 20 kilometers from Cefalu. Twenty of the 40 rooms have been created by leading European contemporary artists fashioning the space from a variety of materials—wood, paper, copper—working with textures and color to make unique rooms. You can choose to change your mom each day to inhabit a new vision. Beyond the hotel's ultra modern interior is the sea and the old traditional architecture of the Sicilian village. The hotel has its own sculpture garden and the outdoor Regional Museum of Sculpture in nearby. This is an art lover's destination for sure.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Huettenpalastin Berlin


Finally, for a whacky Berlin option try the Huettenpalastin Berlin. Here you can relive childhood camping trips within the spacious interior of an old modernist vacuum cleaner factory. Temperatures are kept balmy all year round, and you can bed down in a retro caravan with 'outdoor' dining table and barbecue. The Huetenpalast is the brain child of the Agency for Everything which nicely sums up the unique hotel ethos.