Top 10 Destinations in South America (II)

Top 10 Destinations in South America (II)

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Ole! Besides salsa, sombreros and tequila, South America is a feast for one’s senses, with something for every kind of traveler. The continent is a patchwork of remarkable sceneries, with its snowcapped massifs, dangerous jungles, dreamlike deserts and spectacular mountain ranges, with many of its wonders remaining largely undiscovered.


South America offers rich experiences to travelers seeking natural wonders, ancient ruins, and vibrant cultural experiences.


Any of these ten destinations would make a fascinating trip on its own, or you could combine some or all of them for a memorable tour.



Top 10 Destinations in South America: Cusco, Peru

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Cusco was the capital of the Incan Empire. It is a fascinating old city, and makes an excellent departure point for visiting the ruins of Macchu Picchu, the sacred Valley of the Incas, and other Inca sites.


Cusco has a rich and complex history; it was the center of the indigenous Quechua culture in the Andes, and in the main square are Spanish colonial buildings erected directly on top of Inca walls.


Cusco attracts many tourists and has a lively nightlife. The city itself, although small, has myriad museums, shops and restaurants. If you're looking for adventure, try while water rafting day trips on the Rio Urubamba / Vilcanota, or three or four day rafting trips on the Rio Apurimac, 'the true source of the Amazon', and one of the top ten rafting rivers in the world.



Top 10 Destinations in South America:  Buenos Aires, Argentina


The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in South America, with a population of more than three million. It is geographically enormous, and it would be impossible to explore all 48 of its neighborhoods (barrios) in a single visit.


If you come to Buenos Aires, don't miss historical San Telmo, which preserves colonial-style houses along narrow cobblestone lanes, and has an exciting, underground nightlife scene. Visitors also love La Boca, the city's most colorful and picturesque neighborhood: everywhere you look, greens, yellows, reds, and purples highlight the urban scenery.


If you're seeking thrills Buenos Aires offers exhilarating skydiving activities in its vibrant blue skies. To become immersed in the local culture, attend a football match or watch some authentic tango in a Milonga.