Tourist Attractions in New York (I)

Tourist Attractions in New York (I)

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1. Tourist Attractions in New York: Statue of Liberty

The famous statue in New York Harbor, officially called “Liberty Enlightening the World”, is a national monument and symbol of American freedom. The present from France to celebrate the USA’s 100th birthday was ceremonially unveiled in 1886. 

Tourist-Attractions-in-New-York-I Tourist Attractions in New York (I)

The lady, designed by the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, weights 225 tons and stands 151 feet tall. The frame comes from Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower. Today it is possible to visit an exhibition in the base and the interior of the statue on Liberty Island. Only the observation deck in the crown is closed until further notice after the September 11th attacks. Liberty Island can be reached by ferry from Battery Park. The subway train 1 goes to South Ferry Station; lines 4 and 5 stop at Bowling Green Station. The M15 bus (South Ferry) also travels from the East Side; the M6 travels from the West Side from 57th Street to Battery Park.


2. Tourist Attractions in New York: Empire State Building

One of New York’s most famous buildings is the 443-meter-high Empire State Building, built in Art Deco style. The skyscraper, which in 1930 became the tallest building in the world after a construction period of just 410 days, is sadly once again one of the focal points of the New York skyline. The observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floor (at a height of 373 meters) offer spectacular views. The ride in the high-speed elevator is an experience itself. A helicopter ride with the New York Skyride simulator is even more exciting, and should especially appeal to kids. The building’s lobby hosts alternating art exhibitions and is also worth a visit.


3. Tourist Attractions in New York: Times Square

The most popular square in the city, Times Square, is situated at the intersection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. The junction, which stretches from West 42nd to 47th Street is named after the Times Building (headquarters of the New York Times), the address of which is now 1 Times Square. Since 1907, it has also been home to the world famous New Year’s Eve party with the “ball drop” in which a giant crystal ball is lowered from the façade of the former Times Building. There are countless cafes, restaurants, hotels and business premises on Times Square. It is especially attractive in the evening, when the neon signs illuminate the surrounding buildings.