Tourist Attractions in Paris, France (I)

Tourist Attractions in Paris, France (I)

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As the capital city of France, Paris has been one of Europe’s most important cities for over 2,000 years. Often called nicknames like “city of love” or “city of lights,” Paris is today one of the world’s leading centers for business, fashion, entertainment, art and culture. Just the mere mention of Paris conjures up images of the city’s world famous landmarks, museums and cathedrals. Here’s an overview of the top tourist attractions in Paris:

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1. Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and also one of the most famous structures in the world. The massive iron tower, which is definitely one of the most important tourist attractions in Paris, was designed by the French engineer AlexandreGustave Eiffel and although it weights over 7,000 tons, it puts the same pressure on the ground as a single seated person. Just as Louvre’s pyramid created controversy during the 1980s, so did this iron structure in the 1990s. Some even called it “the iron monster”. With the TV antenna on top of it, the Eiffel Tower measures 317m in height. On the first level of the tower there’s a skating rink, and on the second level there’s a restaurant – Le Jules Verne.


2. Sainte-Chapelle is a chapel from the thirteenth century and one of the top tourist attractions in Paris.Because of its size it has been often associated with a jewelry box or with a light show due to the effect created by natural light passing through stained glass – the chapel walls are made almost entirely of glass. Chapel’s construction began in 1246, its purpose being to host the True Cross and the Crown of Thorns, artifacts obtained by Crusader King Luis IX from the Emperor of Constantinople.


3. Place des Vosges is a market located in the Eastern part of Le Marais neighborhood and it’s the oldest square in Paris. Its symmetrical style served as model for many other squares: Place Dauphine, Place Vendome and Place de la Concorde. Square des Vosges was built between 1605 and 1612 and was entitled Place Royale.


4. Place de la Bastille – Bastille Square is where the Bastille prison was located before the French Revolution. The square is often home to concerts or similar events and it’s one of the most important tourist attractions in Paris. The northeastern area of Bastille is busy at night due to many cafes, bars, nightclubs and concert halls.


5. Petit Palais was built in 1900 by Charles Girault’s plans for the Universal Exhibiton, and since 1902 it serves as the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris – Musée des beaux-arts in Paris ville. The architecture of Petit Palais blends with traditional and modern architecture. The rich collection of murals and sculptures was made between 1903 and 1925.Most of them are located within the high traffic locations of the building. Petit Palais museum’s collections are divided into several sections: Dutuit Collection of pictures, drawings and objects of medieval art, Tuck Collection of furniture objects from the XVIII century and Painting Collection of Paris.


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