Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera (II)

Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera (II)

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Tourist-Attractions-on-the-Mayan-Riviera-II Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera (II)

Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera: Xel-Ha

Xel-Ha is one of the most magical spots of the Riviera Maya. It’s an amazing biological aquarium where the ocean combines with the freshwater currents of springs and underground rivers, creating a mesmerizing ecosystem. This amazing formation of nature is surrounded by thick jungle, caves, cenotes, and even a few small archaeological spots. The park is the perfect habitat for all types of flora, fauna, and aquatic life.


Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera: Tulum

Farther down the coastline, Tulum historically attracted backpackers, throwback hippies and nature lovers who wanted to enjoy an off-grid vacation. Today, Tulum is still more boho than Cancun, with rustic restaurants and bars on the sand, yoga at sunrise, and soothing massages on the beach. No high rises or condo towers, (thanks to building restrictions), just rustic yet chic cafes and coffee houses. Tiny retreats line the streets that lead to the beach. Tulum caters to those in search of intimate settings, solitude and the desire to get closer to nature.


A huge coral reef, the largest in the northern hemisphere, protects the Riviera Mayan shoreline from crashing waves and dangerous undertows. It's teeming with tropical fish — an adventurer's paradise for divers and snorkelers.


Ancient Mayan ruins, from a powerful civilization long gone, are perched right on the coastal cliffs and along the shoreline. Even more ruins are tucked away safely in the rainforest, protected from the tropical storms and hurricanes that pass by from time to time. Inland and south of Tulum, the Sian Ka'an biosphere covers more than 2 million acres of national parks and reserves with lagoons, forests, pristine beaches, and an intricate network of underground caves and cenotes. Flamingos, tapirs, wild cats and dolphins call this their home. Seasonally, baby sea turtles shuffle through the sand towards the water— called home by the ocean.


Other Tourist Attractions on the Mayan Riviera

Other more laid back attractions include Coba, a small Mayan town in the midst of ancient ruins where you can actually tour a Mayan village. Akumal, once barely a dot on the map is growing up with resorts, restaurants and bars all perched on the Riviera Maya's dazzling white sand. Eco-resorts, all-inclusive resorts, villas, and even planned communities all want a piece of this paradise.