Tourist Objectives in Lefkada, Greece (I)

Tourist Objectives in Lefkada, Greece (I)

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Lefkada is a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of Greece, which is linked to the mainland by a long road and a floating bridge. It has many beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes. This article series covers the best tourist objectives in Lefkada, Greece. Subscribe to our Blog and make sure you don’t miss any of our travel news & updates!


1. Tourist Objectives in Lefkada, Greece: Agia Kyriaki


If you go beyond Nydri Beach and look towards the sea, what will surely catch your eye is the chapel of Agia Kyriaki. According to an inscription found inside the church, “the holy temple was built in 1906 and is the property of Kakonas”.  Right next to the building there’s a staircase leading to a cave at about 3-4 meters height. Many icons were found inside. You can reach the chapel by sea, or by land. Specifically, just outside Vlyho, there’s a road leading to Geni and Desimi, which at some point branches out and if followed towards the left leads to the chapel. The road is tarmac up to a certain point and can be accessed by car, but the last 200 meters before reaching the chapel turn into a very narrow footpath. A local festival is organized every year on the 6th and 7th of July, at Vlyho, a region across the chapel, next to Nydri.



2. Tourist Objectives in Lefkada, Greece: Agioi Pateres


The monastery stands for centuries on a rocky landscape, 5 kilometers above Nikiana, towards Alexandros, inside a cave, close to the region of Skara. It is one of the oldest Christian temples found on the island. Church sources state that the Three Fathers who came to the island after the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, Bithynia, 325 A.D. became monks here and took shelter in the cave. They taught the Gospel until the end of their lives. Their graves were found in a neighboring cave, where the simple chapel of Hermitage that was built in their honor.



3. Tourist Objectives in Lefkada, Greece: Agios Donatos


Above the village of Egklouvi, at a height of about 900 meters, lies a church that was initially dedicated to Agios Dometios. When renovating it in 1980, the locals dedicated it to Agios Donatos, the Episcope of Lefkada from 284 A.D., who, according to the legend, fell off a tower during the persecutions against the Christians. The remains of this tower can be found a few meters away from the church. Agios Dometios is celebrated on August 7.