Winter Bargains in The Romantic Caribbean (II)

Winter Bargains in The Romantic Caribbean (II)

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Winter-Bargains-in-The-Romantic-Caribbean-II Winter Bargains in The Romantic Caribbean (II)

It is no secret that winter is high season for the Caribbean. It's the coldest, snowiest, iciest time of year for many places, and some folks have just had enough of it by January and February. In fact, some folks figure they'll need to 'hunker down' and wait out old man winter through March. But that doesn't mean there are no travel deals to be found to make your 'Great Winter Escape: In fact, there are plenty, and some experts believe that the best time to book your winter bargains in the romantic Caribbean is from New Years to early March, when airlines are slashing prices before the big spring-break rush.


According to Yahoo Travel, there are great deals for hot spots like Jamaica, undiscovered charmers like Bonaire, and romantic paradises like St Thomas.


So check out this list for romance in a Caribbean Paradise and start packing!


Winter bargains in The Romantic Caribbean: Bahamas

The Bahamas is actually outside the Caribbean Sea, but culturally and geopolitically, it’s closely associated with the Greater Antilles and other Caribbean nations. Ifs inexpensive this time of year, and definitely tropical. So it made the list.


Deals and Bargains: Flights to the Bahamas are incredibly cheap due to its proximity to the US and frequent service from most major lines, with some flights as low as $300 from Miami Add a sweet accommodations package (they're a dime a dozen this season, especially in February and March) and you'll have a budget break in no time.


Winter bargains in The Romantic Caribbean: Out Islands, Bahamas

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are a perfect romantic destination for island-life lovers. This collection of tiny isles, offers big resorts and sparse traffic, and is graced with pristine sand and sea; major pastimes trend toward swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing. The outer Bahamas islands include: Abacos, Acklins, Andros, Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Crooked Island Eleuthera, Harbor Island, Exumas, Long Island and San Salvador


Deals and Bargains: Did someone say free flight? With the purchase of a four-night air-inclusive package, will throw in two round-trip airline tickets from Nassau—for free. Participating hotels span the islands and include luxury properties on Exuma and Eleuthera. Going one step further, Resorts World Bimini offers a private chartered seaplane from Miami with the purchase of a two-night stay (starting at a wee $389 per person).